Easter Paska Bread is an integral part of the Easter table, along with the Easter egg. As the holiday approaches, more and more confectionery shops and chain stores offer Paska Breads.

According to Director of Mzareuli 1 LLC Tato Ivaniashvili, Pane began production of Easter paska breads on April 8. Compared to last year, production soared by 80%.

“We have 9 types of Paska bread but raisin paska is always the most popular.

The company production increased by 80% compared to last year. Due to the fact that we enjoy an exclusive together with our partners, I cannot disclose the amount of the product.”

In Tato Ivaniashvili’s words, paska bread prices will remain the same as last year and the year before.

As a reminder, in 2008  Mzareuli Bakery was acquired by Nikora. In 2019, the brand underwent rebranding and is currently working on the market under the name “Pane”.