Georgian companies producing agricultural products are set to use the new opportunities of the free trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates.

Georgian manufacturers, who have access to the 10-million market with high purchasing power, have already started export negotiations with the Arab side. One of them is Agrospace Strawberry Greenhouse.

Nutsa Salukvadze, the co-founder of the strawberry producer company, says the company is in talks  with Dubai and is going to start exporting its strawberries there.

The memorandum signed with the United Arab Emirates is a great opportunity for us, Georgian entrepreneurs. Operating only on the Georgian market is not enough for the company’s development. When you focus on exports, you focus on quality and improve as a company. Apart from that, exporting is a way to generate more revenue. We are likely to complete negotiations with Dubai in the near future and  will export 30 tons of strawberries”- Nutsa Salukvadze says.

As a reminder,  Agrospace greenhouse started operating in 2020. The greenhouse is located in Azizkendi village of Marneuli municipality.

It’s worth mentioning  that up to 15 locals are employed on the farm.