Davit Narmania, Chairman of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission  (GNERC), made a speech at the meeting organized by the Georgian  Employers’ Association and discussed new opportunities for consumers in the process of liberalization of the energy market. The meeting was opened by the President of the Georgian Employers’ Association, Elguja Meladze.

The Association member companies attended the meeting where GNERC representatives introduced the target model of the new electricity market. The energy market reform envisages the principles of free and competitive market, where equal, non-discriminatory conditions will be provided for market participants, the competitive price will be transparently set, and this will enable the consumers to make a free choice.

According to Davit Narmania, it is important to organize such meetings in order to inform stakeholders on trading mechanisms and other important aspects under the conditions of a new energy market.

“We provided information to the Georgian Employers’ Association member companies on their opportunities in the new energy market. It is known that the electricity market is gradually moving to a new model, which allows the consumer to buy electricity at the time when needed at a competitive price.

Within the framework of the new market, the internal resources will be effectively used, the introduction of technological innovations and other types of services will be promoted, the reliability and safety of electricity supply will be improved, the active participation of consumers in the market, a high level of information availability, the freedom to enter and exit the market, and the maximization of social welfare will be ensured”, said Davit Narmania, GNERC Chairman.