There are changes in the top ten Georgian wine companies with the largest turnover. In 2022, "Georgian Wine House" replaced "Khareba Winery" LLC in the top ten.

How does "Georgian Wine House" explain its success and the growth of the company's turnover? The company spokesman told  Commersant that  "Georgian Wine House" always focuses on  entering new markets and increase its representation on the international stage.

"Despite the Russia-Ukraine war and the stagnation caused by the processes such as sanctions with Belarus and cancellation of orders from Ukraine for obvious reasons), we’ve managed to increase our representation on existing markets and added America, Austria and Germany to our portfolio.

In a bid to  enter both existing and new markets, we have stepped up our marketing support (through  free products, online training and other activities).

The company has also  intensified its activity in the local market  both in  retail and Horeca sectors that further boosted  an increase in the company's turnover. The increase in the number of tourists caused  the increase in local sales,” they say in the company.