The price of onions in Ukraine has dropped for the first time this year, as farmers started to clear out their storage facilities this week. Onions are now selling for 8-14 UAH/kg ($0.21-0.36/kg), which is 20% lower than the previous week.

According to the EastFruit, many farmers were holding back their onion sales last week, hoping for higher prices. However, this week they changed their strategy and began to unload their inventories. The reason is the declining quality of the onions, which are spoiling fast in storage. Ukrainian farmers and wholesalers have been complaining that it is getting harder to sell the onions every day.

In this situation, some owners of high-quality onions have decided to stop selling completely and wait until mid-March to resume their sales.

It is interesting to note that the same time last year, onions in Ukraine were 3.6 times more expensive than today.