Canada will provide Ukraine with 52.4 million Canadian dollars ($38.1 million) in various forms of aid, the Canadian government announced June 16 as part of the World Peace Summit in Switzerland.

Representatives from around 100 countries and organizations, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, gathered at the resort town of Burgenstock in Switzerland on June 15 and 16 to discuss a possible path to peace and other key concerns related to Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine.

Canada is one of 80 countries that signed the summit’s joint communiqué, which calls, among other things, to end the Russian occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, release all prisoners of war and return all deported Ukrainian children.

At the summit, Trudeau unveiled the new program, the majority of which ($14.5 million) will be used to support Ukraine’s urgent efforts to repair energy equipment and infrastructure damaged in Russian attacks.

Around $11 million would be spent to help vulnerable children and young people, improve access to justice for survivors of war crimes, raise awareness of the process of disappearing people, and support male survivors of war-related sexual violence. conflict.

As part of the plan, the Canadian government will also invest $11.2 million to support Ukraine’s economic reforms and mine clearance efforts, and provide Kyiv with expertise in the justice and energy sectors .

The remaining $1.4 million from Canada will help maintain the safe and secure operations of nuclear facilities in Ukraine, according to the announcement.

Days earlier, Canada introduced new sanctions against 11 Russian individuals and 16 entities allegedly engaged in activities supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.