Cerebrum Tech, a cutting-edge technology company in Turkey, has unveiled its latest innovation - the artificial intelligence application 'Cere'. Utilizing a deep learning-based language model, Cere allows mobile phone users to communicate through both text and voice. With its advanced capabilities, Cere can recommend music based on the user's mood, collect news, and provide information on a wide range of topics from food and fashion to health and sports. As a highly empathetic language model, Cere is the first-of-its-kind, showcasing the company's commitment to developing innovative mobile applications that enhance the user experience.

It is underlined that Cere, which was developed based on broad language models and trained to be empathetic, is the first mobile application of its kind developed. According to Erdem Erkul, Ph.D., the Founder and Chairman of the Board at Cerebrum Tech, "Cere is not only an influencer who keeps up with the latest trends but also a valuable colleague who streamlines business operations with its corporate version. With its user-friendly mobile application, Cere empowers users to effortlessly integrate the power of artificial intelligence into both their personal and professional lives."

Cerebrum Tech, a forward-thinking technology company focused on developing sustainable web3 ecosystems, has announced the launch of its latest creation - the artificial intelligence chat robot, Cere. This innovative chatbot is now available on mobile application and utilizes a deep learning-based, self-dependent language model structure. This technology has piqued the interest and curiosity of people worldwide following the release of ChatGPT. As the first mobile chat application in Turkey to incorporate 3D virtual characters, Cere offers language support in Turkish, English, German, Spanish, and Korean. This innovative application provides users with both text and voice chat capabilities and can be easily downloaded for free from both Google Play and the App Store. Advanced features, including those available with the Pro and Enterprise plans, are also available to users.