The decree #335 signed today by Russian President Vladimir Putin, states that from 15 May 2023 citizens of Georgia will be able to enter and leave Russia without a visa for up to 90 days on the basis of valid identity documents, including for educational purposes, the document says.

In addition, the ban on Russian airline flights to Georgia will be also lifted from 15 May 2023. The relevant decree was signed today by President Vladimir Putin. Direct air links between Russia and Georgia were cut off in 2019, a decision taken unilaterally by Moscow following the anti-Russian protests in Tbilisi.

After the publication of the decrees, the Foreign Ministry of Russia said it was cancelling the recommendation for Russians to refrain from travelling to Georgia.

Russia cut direct air flights with Georgia in October, 2006, following spy row between the two countries. The flights were restored for several months in 2008 and cut again after the August war.

Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is yet to make an official statement regarding this development.