“Energy is one of the most important sectors of the country’s economy. Other sectors proper functioning and further economic growth largely depend on its uninterrupted operation,” Minister of Economy Levan Davitashvili states.

According to Davitashvili, an energy exchange will be launched in the country within a year to introduce competitive and open market system in the energy market.

“Gradually, large consumers will enter the market, depending on the size of their consumption. By the end of the year, 12 hydroelectric power stations with a total installed capacity of 157 MW will have been completed. Private investments are also planned to be poured in the project of a combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 350-430 MW. In order to strengthen the security of the electricity supply and transmission network, more than 1,000 km of power transmission lines will be built in Georgia in the coming years as well as transmission lines connecting neighboring countries will be strengthened. The Black Sea  submarine cable project  has also entered an active phase,” Levan Davitashvili notes.