Tbilisi City Hall is working on an application - "Fix Tbilisi", where citizens will be able to post information about infrastructural problems in the capital, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze  said at today's meeting of the municipal government.

According to him, citizens will provide information to the municipality through the mentioned application without calling the hotline.

"Fix Tbilisi" is a special application that every citizen will have access to. It will be a means of communication between the municipality and the citizen, the purpose of which is to provide the municipality with information about infrastructural problems in the capital so that the citizen does not have to call the hotline. The information will be more complete and the municipality will be able to more easily identify the problem", said Kakha Kaladze .

According to him, the application will initially combine information on damage to road infrastructure, trees and plants, outdoor lighting and park infrastructure.

According to the Mayor of Tbilisi, the application will be launched from May 1st, and citizens will receive updated information about the eradication of the problem identified by them.

Kakha Kaladze  will introduce detailed information about the terms of the use of the application to the public next month.