Expect local wines, cable car trips and all-nighters in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is tipped to become the ‘next Berlin’, British Times publishes an article about Georgia’s tourism potential.

The journalist Chris Schalkx explored the attractions of Georgia as part of the National Tourism Administration’s pre-tour and shared his impressions with readers.

With co-working spaces, hyper-smart boutique hotels and natural wine bars moving into its Soviet-era warehouses and century-old mansions, Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has garnered a reputation as the “next Berlin” among clued-in city trippers over the past few years. You’ll find them on all-night benders at the swimming pool-turned-techno nightclub Bassiani, or sipping craft beers at hangouts such as Fabrika, a former sewing factory whose graffiti-scribbled courtyard turns into an open-air food court and beer garden after sunset.

But Tbilisi is more than a hipster honeypot: this former Silk Road-era trading hub has passed hands between Mongol khans, Persian shahs and Russian rulers, who each left their marks on the city’s kaleidoscopic architectural and cultural history. There are medieval forts, Soviet relics and crumbling roadside inns to explore — and when you’ve had your urban fix, Georgia’s snow-capped mountain ranges and frozen-in-time villages are just a short drive or train ride away,” the article reads.