European Best Destinations has named Georgia’s coastal city of Batumi among the 5 trendiest destinations in Europe in 2024.

„Forget Barcelona and BerlinBatumi is so much more surprising, more exciting, more affordable and more exotic“- the edition writes.

 History rubs shoulders with modernity, the cosmopolitan city rubs shoulders with untouched nature in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, the Adjara Region.  For lazy days on the beach, for an exciting nightlife, for a romantic stay, with friends, with family, for wellness or the culinary riches of this region rich in flavours, Batumi is a real sensory journey, a unique and unforgettable destination in the world.

Adjara Region is an extraordinary destination for a stay off the beaten track and it offers the best of Europe with affordable prices and well-preserved authenticity. Due to its all-year-round subtropical and mild climate, Batumi is distinguished by its remarkably green natural environment. Batumi has a 19th-century Botanical Garden rich in rare species and the city is surrounded by three National Parks recently recognized by UNESCO as World’s Natural Heritage sites.

The architecture of the city was shaped and designed by European architects in the 19th century when Batumi became a port city called “Porto Franco” (freeport). Batumi is home to diverse cultures and religions, where Christian Orthodox, Catholic, or Armenian churches, mosques, and synagogues have lived in harmony throughout the centuries, a way of life we would do well to emulate today.

Batumi has a splendid mix of beautiful scenery of sea and high mountains, ancient cultural monuments, monasteries, mediaeval arch bridges, beautiful lakes, and authentic villages to travel back in time.

 Nowadays, Batumi with its cutting-edge architecture, European-style squares and streets, world-class brand hotels and old city cafes has turned into a cultural hub which often hosts major regional events, international artists, art exhibitions and world sports championships. In addition to a legendary hospitality, Batumi’s offers excellent wines and mostly undiscovered cuisine.

Indeed, for a sensory journeyBatumi is the destination to put at the top of your travel wish list in 2024- the article reads.