In January-February 2023, in total GEL 553 million was spent in Georgia with foreign bank cards that is almost 3% less compared to the same period of the previous year- the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) reports. In 2022, a total of GEL 570 million was spent in the country with the cards of foreign banks.

Apart from that , in January-February 2023, transactions worth GEL 265.5 million were carried out in ATMs with foreign cards, GEL 261.8 million - in POS terminals and virtual POS terminals – GEL 24.4 million, GEL 1.3 million worth transactions were carried out in the provider POS terminals.

It’s worth mentioing that in two months of this year, transactions worth almost GEL 10 billion were carried out with card devices in Georgia. According to the National Bank, the number of payment credit cards in circulation in Georgia amounted to 570,087 in February 2023, the number of debit cards in circulation atood at 7,380,023.