In September, the total turnover of the Georgian Stock Exchange amounted to GEL 3790.21 that is almost half less compared to the previous month.

Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE) closed August with two deals made by Liberty Bank, last month the average daily turnover of the stock exchange stood at GEL 180.
Two transactions took place on the stock exchange in August, in July- one deal, in June- 5, in May- one, April and March closed with no deal.

In 2022  a total of  19 transactions took place in the national currency,  15 were in dollars  with a total value of  GEL  13 619.37  and  $2.4 million respectively.

It’s worth mentioning that Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE) - is the only functioning organized securities market in Georgia. Established and designed with the help of USAID and operating within the legal framework drafted with the assistance of American experts, GSE complies with global best practices in securities trading and offers an efficient investment facility to both local and foreign investors.

As of June 1, 2023, 28 companies are admitted on GSE, with Total Market Capitalization of USD 0.917 billion and Daily Turnover in May, 2023 was GEL 24.