The European Union will allocate €30 million to support Georgia’s defence sector, the Council of the European Union reports.

“Today the Council adopted two assistance measures under the European Peace Facility (EPF) in support of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova and the Georgian Defence Forces to enhance national security, stability and resilience in the defence sector of both countries,” Council of the EU noted in a statement.

The Council says €30 million assistance will finance non-lethal equipment, supplies, and services, for the Georgian Defence Forces, including technical training where requested. The approved equipment includes engineering, command and control, medical, logistics, and cyber-defence equipment.

“With these new assistances, we continue to support the modernisation of the capacities of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova and the Georgian Defence Forces. In a challenging geopolitical context and in line with their European aspirations, we are helping to strengthen their defence sectors and enhance their ability to participate in EU military missions and operations. This is the third assistance package for both countries under the EPF, clearly underlining the EU’s unwavering commitment to the region’s security and stability,” Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, stated.

Georgia requested the assistance on February 8, 2023, and complements the €20 million assistance measure adopted in December 2022 and the €12.75 million one adopted in December 2021. For similar purposes, the Council decided to allocate €40 million for Moldova’s armed forces.