In 2023, the insurance premium from direct insurance activities amounted to GEL 1.063 billion that is a record high. The premium collected in 2022 stood at GEL 910 million.

As of the 2023 data, the market leader in terms of insurance premiums is "GPI" (GEL 184 million), followed by "TBC" ( GEL177 million) and "Aldagi" ( GEL170 million), the fourth is "Ardi" (GEL100 million), the fifth place is taken by the insurance company "Imedi L" (GEL95 million).

Last year, the rating of the companies by collected premiums also changed compared to 2022. "Benefit" moved to the ninth place and overtook "Alpha", "New Vision" overtook "Euroins".

The total assets of insurance companies stand at GEL 1,300.9 million, the capital – at GEL 374.3 million.

19% of the Georgian population have medical insurance, 7% of registered vehicles are insured.

As of December 31, 2023, 18 insurance companies licensed to sell life and non-life insurance were registered in the country.