The Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference took place in Tbilisi as a result of the strong bond between Georgia and Uzbekistan. These two countries have a history of cooperation seen through joint endeavors spanning cultural exchanges to substantial economic partnerships. This established relationship highlights the potential for connections especially in the growing fields of information technology and business process outsourcing (BPO).

Uzbekistan shares similarities with Georgia in their cultures and strategic locations, both of which connect Eastern Europe with Central Asia. Their unique positions have led to economies characterized by diversity and entrepreneurial vigor. Nevertheless, differences in resources have influenced their landscapes differently. Georgia despite its potential, faces challenges like a market size, intense competition and bureaucratic obstacles that have hindered its progress.

Conversely Uzbekistan benefits from its population - comprising over 60% and a thriving education system that annually produces 125 000 skilled IT professionals ready for employment. With government backing and fewer bureaucratic hurdles compared to Georgia, Uzbekistan emerges as a destination for businesses seeking to enhance their outsourcing capabilities.

The Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference aimed to address these opportunities with a comprehensive agenda designed to appeal to C-level executives, business development managers, and FDI consultants. At the conference, Georgian businesses explored Uzbekistan's favorable tax environment, which offers 0% rates on corporate, social, property, and land taxes. They tapped into a pool of 20 million working-age individuals, many of whom are proficient in English. Attendees also learned about the multiple-entry visa available for up to three years for investors, founders, and IT professionals. They discovered how to establish their business within 3-6 weeks with extensive support and benefited from complimentary office space for a year, along with salary reimbursements and professional development coverages. Additionally, they gained insights into penetrating the Central Asian market by joining the IT-Park for service-oriented companies.

The conference provided a pivotal platform for attendees to forge new partnerships, understand the full scope of incentives offered by Uzbekistan, and ultimately capitalize on the strategic advantages that Uzbekistan's economy presents. Amidst Georgia's ongoing struggle with funding and talent acquisition, Uzbekistan's readiness to provide substantial resources and a skilled workforce made this conference a must-attend event for those looking to diversify and strengthen their outsourcing operations.