In 2022, the number of stores increased by 19%, the total retail space - by 7%, a market research conducted by TBC  Capital reads.

“Despite high competition, new players start operating in the market. This once again confirms that the potential of the market is not yet mastered. small shops were a priority in the market and  positively affected  sales per square meter. In 2022, the number of small shops stood at 2 171 against  1 819 in 2021. In 2022, the annual sales per square meter amounted to GEL 12,433 that is 28% more than in the previous year,” the report says.

On the example of European countries, the share of e-commerce is also expected to  increase . In Georgia it is 1.9% of retail sales, while in Spain it is 2.9%, in Italy - 3%, in Portugal - 3.2%, in the Czech Republic - 3.6%, in Germany - 4.2%, in Sweden - 7.5%, in the Netherlands - 8.1%, in France - 8.8%, in England - 13%.