According to the founder of the company “Dio” ( curtain blinds producer) Tamaz Daushvili, the National Bank’s decision to ban the extension of international sanctions to Georgian citizens will negatively affect the investment climate in the country.

“Nobody expected what is happening now at the National Bank. The central bank and the banking system  were highly trusted, the banking sector was very well organized and efficient. Such steps should not be taken amid so many problems in the region, a war in Ukraine, especially when Georgia is awaiting the EU decision, ” he notes.

Tamaz Daushvili adds that investors are observing the current situation, they are concerned that such unexpected things happen in an already vulnerable country.

Such events have a very negative impact on investor sentiment. We should do everything to create a good investment environment - the war in Ukraine and the Russian factor in the region cannot be neutralized by our forces, but we can establish the rule of law, build a high-quality and highly efficient democratic society, a free judicial system, and a good tax system, all this will attract investors and make the country attractive for them,” Tamaz Daushvili concludes.