“We’ve recently signed a contract under which the eighth Antre facility will be opened in Baku in the spring,” Jean-Michel Charles,  CoFounder of French Bakery-Pastry Chain "Entree", told “Commersant”.

According to Jean-Michel Charl
es, Baku was chosen as the first city to expand outside of Georgia because it is logistically easier to open a branch in a neighboring country.

From the very first day of the company's creation we knew that Entree would be an international company. The format we developed is a unique combination of Georgian and European cultures, products made from healthy and organic ingredients, unleavened homemade bread, French croissants, vegan and vegetarian items that creates a different approach, a healthier and more conscious choice of life. Our network is based on these values in Tbilisi, Baku, and London,” he notes.

Currently, Entree owns 4 cafes in the British capital, and is set to open 4-6 more facilities.

“We will open 4-6 more facilities in London and will gradually develop our network in other countries,” says Jean-Michel Charles.

Entree owns 16 branches in Georgia, 7 in Baku and 4 in London.