"Compared to last year, Easter cakes price has increased by 15% this year due to milk and eggs price hikes that has affected the prices of our products - last year a decorated Easter cake (600 g) cost GEL 24, this year its price increased to GEL 28" — says Maya Begiashvili, the founder of MaiBee Bakery confectionery studio and pastry designer.

“Compared to previous years, this year the interest has increased. Some customers order Easter cakes for pre-tasting. We can’t specify the percentage increase, as we receive orders daily, this year the preparations for Easter began earlier we expect an increase in sales as the number of customers has increased significantly,

We also have corporate clients, we have regular customers who order Easter gift cakes. We always try to tailor products to their interests, and often offer a discount. We also provide a delivery service. We mainly work on pre-order," Maya Begiashvili notes.

In Begiashvili’s words, MaiBee Bakery offers customers Easter cakes made from natural ingredients, two types of dried grapes and candied oranges prepared according to our own recipe. The company offers different decorations along with the unique taste to the customers.