“Demand for wooden cottages is still high, though the number of orders has decreased amid a growing competition in recent years,” private developer Giorgi Mtsariashvili says.

According to Mtsariashvili, 5 years ago the number of orders was significantly higher than today - the number of companies operating in this market has increased significantly that reduced workload of some market players.

“The number of our orders changes every year, the decrease is significant. There was a year when we built 11 cottages. In recent years, we have carried out only 5-3 projects. This year we have launched 2 projects with a total value of $50,000. We hope this year will be good,” he notes.

As for prices, 1 sq.m. costs $370 but it can be increased depending on the order. Prices increased during the pandemic and reached about $470, but in the post-pandemic period they fell by $100.

In the businessman’s words, wooden cottages in Georgia are built with Russian raw materials - in particular, spruce and pine.

“We believe that this is right to use imported raw materials as it is better than to cut down trees in Georgia,” Giorgi Mtsariashvili points out.