What new does "Biblus Group" offer its Georgian and European customers? Sopo Gordadze, the operations director at "Biblus Group", spoke in the "Brand Georgia" program in air of the radio "Commersant".

According to Sofo Gordadze, last year "Biblusi" brand-  XS Toys entered Europe and opened the first store in the city of Celje, Slovenia, the second store is set to be opened in Ljubljana.

The operations director also spoke about the network of multifunctional shopping spaces - "Multi" noting that the new concept of retail space based on the principle of one cash desk and parking has aroused great interest among developers.

Well-known, successful brands and the company’s business partners such as "Spar", "Supta Sakhli", "Pharmadepot", "Noste", "Bricorama", "Biblusi", cafe "Piato" and "Pepela" will be represented in "Multi" .

The project aroused great interest among developers, when developers build micro-districts in a closed space, they do not need to talk to individual companies, they do business with Biblus Group. Grand Mall is one such project to open in Batumi in August,” Sopo Gordadze notes.