According to Irakli Kupradze, general secretary of the Lelo party, in the last two years, 25,333 Russian companies were registered in Georgia, of which the information about the activities of 22,582 entities is unknown.

As Kupradze noted, relevant data were requested from the National Statistics Office. Kupradze says that the mentioned information is a threat to national interests.

In particular, according to the opposition politician, the information provided by Geostat covers the period from February 24, 2022 to October 2023.

Kupradze calls on the state agencies to urgently start determining the activities of 22,582 Russian companies in Georgia.

"Out of 25,333 Russian entities that do business and operate in Georgia, there are only a few cases when the state knows their activity profile. Information about the activities of 22,582 subjects out of 25,333 Russian subjects is unknown. The state of Georgia under the conditions of Georgian Dream does not study the activities of Russian companies and business entities in this country. This clearly means that their activities are not checked by the labor inspection, tax services. This is a threat to national interests. This is a threat to the population and economy of Georgia.

They don't pay taxes, they don't have work permits, they rob the Georgian budget together with Georgia­n Dream, and they put you - the citizens of Georgia - in an unequal position," Kupradze said.