Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate claims that its specialists have carried out a successful DDoS attack on the servers of the Russian Ministry of Defence. As a result, they got access to an array of data and documents that relate to more than 2,000 structural units of the Russian Defence Ministry.

"Now the Ukrainian special service owns the software for information protection and encryption, which was used by the Russian Defence Ministry, as well as an array of secret service documentation of the Russian Ministry of War," said the MID.

It specified that the obtained information makes it possible to establish the complete setup of the Russian Defence Ministry's system and its links.

"The analysis of the obtained data also helped to identify the generals, other high-ranking heads of structural units of the Russian Ministry of Defence, as well as deputies, assistants, specialists - all those who used the electronic document management software called 'Bureaucrat'."

According to the intelligence agency, they obtained, for example, the official documents of Russian Deputy Defence Minister Timur Ivanov, who "played an important role in making the cyberattack successful".

The MID said it would continue its work in Russia's cyberspace.