Belarus has completely banned drones for private individuals. Now only companies and entrepreneurs can use drones in the country.

Alexander Lukashenko signed the decree "On the state registration and operation of civilian drones. Now individuals can't buy, sell, import into the country and manufacture drones on their own. Moreover, even the storage of UAVs has fallen under the ban.

The press service of the self-proclaimed president of Belarus says that the new document is designed to ensure public safety, regulate the order of state registration of civil UAVs and aircraft models, as well as to streamline their use.

The new rules regarding the manufacture, use and import of drones into the country have already come into force. Possession and sale will be banned after six months. Within six months, all citizens of the country must get rid of UAVs. The drones can be sold to companies or deposited with certain organisations, but it is not yet clear which ones.

Companies and private entrepreneurs will be able to continue to use UAVs in their activities. However, they will have to obtain authorisation from the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.