National carrier Qatar Airways has unveiled Sama 2.0, the world’s first AI-enhanced “digital human cabin crew” at ITB Berlin 2024. Sama, meaning “sky” in Arabic, can learn from passengers to enhance her responses. She even has a backstory of growing up in Doha and undergoing specialist training as a flight attendant.

The updated version 2.0 of Sama provides responses in real-time and can answer FAQ-style queries, brief passengers on their destinations, and offer support and advice. Sama is accessed through QVerse, Qatar Airways’ latest digital platform, and can also be found in the airline’s official app.

Sama was developed in collaboration with UneeQ, a company specializing in “digital humans” for corporate branding projects.

Qatar Airways is experiencing a significant surge in demand as travel recovers after the pandemic. According to Chief Commercial Officer Thierry Antinori, customers are becoming more selective with their travel decisions and often opting for higher-quality options.