Currently, the new product is sold only in South Korea, but the manufacturer assures that starting July 20, the TV will gradually appear in stores in the US and Europe.

On Thursday, July 13, LG Electronics presented the world’s first wireless Signature OLED Signature M TV.

This model of TV with wireless AV connection can be placed in any convenient corner of the house without cluttering up the space with wires and cables.

The screen itself comes with an AV Box that can be connected to various devices. It can also be placed without being tied to the screen. Moreover, the unit can be easily hidden or integrated into the interior. This way, it will not attract attention. This “box” has several connections, including conventional HDMI, cable/satellite set-top box, and game console connections, as well as wireless connections to compatible soundbars.

AV Box from a wireless TV can be placed in any place convenient for the owner of the apartment
Sales of the TV have so far started only in South Korea, where those interested can buy it for 43.9 million won ($34.7 thousand). After July 20, the developer promises that the TV will be gradually launched in the US and Europe.

Specifications of the new Signature OLED M TV Signature OLED M

working radius – 10 meters;

refresh rate – 120 Hz;

connection – wireless AV connection;

what devices it interacts with – game consoles, cameras, streaming devices;

diagonal – 97 inches;

the screen resolution is 4K.