According to the mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze, within 1 year, 40 units of 18-meter buses will be added to the capital. As he mentioned at the government meeting, reducing the waiting time for public transport is important.

"You know, we initially said we would buy 200 buses, but due to the financial situation, we bought 160 buses last year.

This year we announced a tender for the remaining 40 units of 18-meter buses. We have a winning company, Tegeta Motors, which will supply us with 40 units of the Mani brand, which are gas-powered, similar to what is moving in Tbilisi today.

The goal of our policy is to make public transport comfortable for everyone, accessible to everyone. People don't have to wait too long at a stop, reducing waiting time is important. "Buses should be provided within 1 year," Kaladze said.