In 2023, the share of the population under the absolute poverty line (absolute poverty rate) in Georgia decreased by 3.8 percentage points compared to the previous year, amounting to 11.8 percent.

In 2023, the absolute poverty rate in urban areas decreased by 2.9 percentage points, amounting to 9.4 percent, while in rural areas it decreased by 5.0 percentage points, amounting to 15.6 percent.

In 2023, the absolute poverty rate decreased compared to the previous year across all age groups of the population. Specifically, the indicator was 16.0 percent in the age group under 18 years (-4.3 percentage points), in the 18-64 age group – 11.5 percent (-3.8 percentage points), and in the age group 65 and older – 8.0 percent (-2.5 percentage points).

The absolute poverty rates for women decreased by 3.9 percentage points, amounting to 11.5 percent, while for men it decreased by 3.7 percentage points, amounting to 12.2 percent.

In 2023, compared to the previous year, the value of the Gini coefficient remained unchanged at 0.36 and 0.37 by total income and total inflows, respectively, while it increased by 0.02 for total consumption expenditures, amounting to 0.36, and for total expenditures, it increased by 0.01, reaching 0.40.