In the first quarter of the year (January, February, March) consent to return to Georgia from EU countries was granted to 1 190 persons within the readmission of the country’s nationals.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a total of 1 196 applications for readmission were considered in the reporting period, of which 1 190 were approved, 6 were rejected.

It’s worth mentioning that the largest number of Georgian citizens who applied for readmission was registered in Germany ( 785 persons) followed by France (149), Greece (57), Switzerland (38); Holland (35), Belgium (26); Poland (20).

As a reminder, the agreement between Georgia and the European Union on the readmission of persons residing without permission came into effect on March 1, 2011. On the basis of the agreement, Georgian citizens living illegally in the territory of the European Union shall be transferred to Georgia. The agreement also provides for the return of citizens of third countries to Georgia based on the conditions established by the agreement. According to the agreement, all transport costs related to readmission and transit to the border of the final destination state shall be reimbursed by the requesting state.