“The strategic partnership between the two states boosts that passenger traffic between Georgia and China in both directions and new investment inflows. A visa-free regime with China will further develop bilateral relations,” the head of the Georgian Tourism Association Nata Kvachantiradze states.

According to Kvachantiradze, Chinese travel companies have already begun planning activities in the Georgia’s destination.

“China is very attractive among the world's tourist destinations. The 30-day visa-free regime between Georgia and China primarily applies to travel for tourism and business purposes. After India and Japan, the focus will now be on China. I can say that in our association the Chinese tour companies have already become more active,” she notes.

Kvachantiradze believes that in unison with an increase in travel, the frequency of direct flights to China is expected to increase as well.

“Healthy competition is important in this field. Therefore, air carriers will increase the frequency of flights amid a growing demand. The increased competition in the tourism sector will certainly balance prices as a result of healthy competition,” Nata Kvachantiradze explains.

In her words, we should avoid focusing solely on the number of tourists, and focus on entering the market with new and varied offers.

“Group tourism is very well organized, in this regard, businesses must take care to offer potential tourists the right offers. The country is interesting to Chinese tourists in terms of cultural and wine tourism, as well as environmental and adventure destinations. Shopping tours are very popular, especially to Europe, Georgia can be attractive mainly in terms of cultural and wine tourism,” says Nata Kvachantiradze.