“The data for two months show that the dependence of the Georgian meat market on imports has increased drastically. Meat imports into the country soared by about 40%. To eliminate this situation, we should introduce highly productive breeds in a bid to significantly reduce animal mortality and increase the productivity of farms,” Beka Gonashvili, the head of the Sheep Breeders Association, says.

He believes that the main problem that slows down the industry’s development is a low level of education and technology.

In response to the current situation, the government worked out a program to boost meat production by increasing subsidies for loans issued to producers and the repayment period of loans. This was a necessary step as farmers cannot cover loans that causes constant financial difficulties for them,” he notes.

A fertilizer production facility will be created as part of the incentive program.

In Gonashvili’s words, the program will give farmers many opportunities such as import of breeding cattle will be allowed and many other.

But all this is only part of the measures to solve the problem. First of all, we should attract knowledge and foreign specialists to the country who will work on increasing the awareness of farmers. Without this, no measures will produce a long-term effect,” the head of the Association stresses.