In January 2024, the export of goods from Georgia declined by 26.2% to $ 338 million 600 thousand. Local export (export without re-export) makes 46.7% of the total export that is 38.9% lower than last year and stood at $158.2 million.

However, in unison with the decline in trade with traditional markets, local exports to Greece have increased sharply as the official statistics show.

In the first month of 2024, local exports to Greece saw a 1,340% growth and reached $5.09 million.

Local products exported from Georgia to Greece in January 2024 are as follows:

• Oil and oil products - $4.3 million;

• Plywood glued, wood veneer panels and similar materials from mixed wood - $417 thousand;

• Raw tobacco; tobacco waste - $63.9 thousand;

• Natural grape wines - $32.7 thousand;

• Fruit and vegetable juices - $29.3 thousand;

• Pantyhose, high neck socks and other hosiery products - $8.1 thousand.