In 2022-2023, Qatar, Albania, Romania and Moldova were added to the list of importers of the Georgian largest producers of canned fruits and vegetables  "Kula".

The company sells its products to 26 countries - "Kula" founder Vano Goglidze says. In his words, the company is working on entering new markets and is increasing the production every year.

“This year Kula has processed more than 15,000 tons of raw materials. “Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukraine doesn’t export canned products to the US and European markets that caused a sharp increase in demand for Kula products - almost 2-fold last year,” he notes.

In Vano Goglidze’s words, the ratio between local consumption and exports was set at 50 to 50 but recently exports have surpassed local demand.

This is due to the fact that our export partners are the post-Soviet countries who know tkemali and adjika,” Vano Goglidze says.

Speaking about future plans, he adds that Kula is set to produce filtered apple juice next year, at this stage the company produces 150 products.

The company has been operating since 2009, currently it has 5 enterprises.