Global Information Technology (IT) market demand is on an upward trajectory. The situation is similar in Georgia, but here supply does not meet demand partly due to staff shortagesin the sector.

According to David Kiziria,  a member of the Georgian Digital Transformation Consortium initiative group, demand for software developers increased during the COVID-19 pandemic pushing various industries to digitalize and automate their business.

“The demand for software developers has grown not only in Georgia, but globally. The events in Belarus and the Russian invasion of Ukraine triggered  transformation of the market. Georgian companies that were focused on the domestic market have entered the global market. Many new companies started by young people have appeared, the number of freelancers has increased,” he notes.

Staff outflow is a big problem for the IT market. However, unlike other industries where staff go overseas, in the IT sector there is a flow of specialists - many people are physically located in Georgia, but work with international companies abroad.

The salaries for highly qualified specialists in the IT sector averages GEL5,000 per month.