What does the gov’t do to legalize the Georgians’ rights overseas?

What does the gov’t do to legalize the Georgians’ rights overseas?

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“Our organization employs Georgian citizens abroad,” Mariam BezarashviliHead of Employment Programs Department of Social Services Agency, says.

 According to Bezarashvili, citizens who can take part in retraining courses can join the program twice a year.

“We conduct  such courses twice a year, any citizen can take part in them, regardless of age. Now we are finishing spring courses, and the second stage is planned to begin in September. The courses last 2 - 4 months, and those who will undergo them can enjoy our program and start working abroad legally, ”she explains.

 In Bezarashvili’s words, the Agency actively cooperates with the International Organization  for Migration (IOM).

“Employers from Poland have already visited Georgia  several times, familiarized with the level of qualifications of specialists trained within  our program and  selected those professionals they needed- welders, for example. They were taken to Poland and got a job there, and   the place they  would work and live, employment and living conditions, the insurance package they would enjoy were known in advance etc., ” Mariam Bezarishvili notes.

Legal work permit  does not exceed 6 months a year within the framework of  a visa-free regime between Georgia and the European Union. After this period, migrants must return to their homeland.

“Statistics show that 30 citizens  were employed  abroad in the first group that  is a very good result. The same  employment department  operates in the Ministry of Health and  more actively involved in the program. From June 1 we will carry out a reorganization to create  a large overseas employment department  on our base, which will have much more opportunities than we currently have, ”she stresses.


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