"We do not know what will happen next month and planning so far ahead makes no sense”- City Mall

access_time2021-01-12 15:35:35

“We are now going with the flow within  a two-month lockdown introduced  by the government, which is expected to be lifted  on February 1. We thought that shopping facilities would have been opened earlier once the epidemiological situation stabilized but, unfortunately, this did not happen,” Levan Meskheli, director of the City Mall shopping center, says.

Levan Meskheli believes that for the services sector, including retail trade, 2021 will be as unpredictable as 2020.


“Before the New Year there was a very large influx of buyers, queues, but we managed to control the situation and showed that we can manage the processes despite we had to prepare in very short time. The shopping centers have improved their position on New Year's days, ”he explains.


According to Meskheli, retailers do not have communication with the government, they cannot say for sure when the lockdown will end and when the retail sector will be able to start full operation.


"In the current situation, we can’t set long-term goals - we do not know what will happen next month and planning so far ahead makes no sense," the City Mall Director concludes.


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