“We are trying to adapt to the current situation”-  Imedi L

“We are trying to adapt to the current situation”- Imedi L

access_time2020-04-02 15:27:03

“Our customers have not yet terminated contracts with our company. There are requests to postpone the monthly payment, and given the situation in both Georgia and the world, we meet halfway, ” Imedi L insurance company says.

The media reported that more and more clients are refusing the services of private insurance companies and switching  to the state universal health care program in a bid to save money.

They say at  Imedi L they are not facing  such a problem.

“We have to go on a deferment for some of our customers, we have no other choice - we are trying to adapt to the situation. Now it is very difficult to give a reasoned forecast about the next future, since too little time has passed since the crisis began. Over time the situation may change for the worse , no one knows, ” Salome Makharadze, Communications Manager at Imedi L .

According to the general director of Aldagi, the crisis has affected the insurance business, but the sector is trying to find a way out of a difficult situation by introducing new products.


“Of course, the crisis will affect economic activity, and the insurance sector is no exception. But still  we try to adapt to the situation and continue to work in the new circumstances, remotely, online. We are also working on new products that will be adequate to the current situation. We hope that the crisis will not drag on indefinitely, and if the business adequately respond to this challenge, we will be able to regain our pre-crisis positions, ” Aldagi Director General Giorgi Baratashvili notes.


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