Volume of overdue loans up  169 mln in one year

Volume of overdue loans up 169 mln in one year

access_time2021-01-26 16:00:44

According to the National bank of Georgia (NBG), a volume of overdue loans has increased  by GEL 6.6 billion in one year and amounted to GEL 38.8 billion as of January 1,2021.

Unlike deposits,  which overall larization rate is 34 percent, the lariztion rate of the total loan portfolio reaches 45 percent due to the lending threshold of 200000 GEL, below which lending in dollars and any other foreign currency is prohibited.

A volume of  loans denominated in the national currency  increased by  2.9 bln to GEL  17.3bln in one year, while foreign currency loans increased by GEL 17.5bln to GEL 21.5bln.

In the reporting period, the volume of overdue loans increased by 46% from GEL 365 million to GEL 533 million. If a year ago the volume of overdue  loans made  1.13% of the portfolio, now it increased to 1.37%. Despite the increase, the situation can’t be considered alarming. The National Bank obliges commercial banks to reserve 2% of loans that is 1.46 times higher than the current rate for interest on overdue payment.


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