Vacancies on job search sites exceeded the pre-pandemic levels by 5%

Vacancies on job search sites exceeded the pre-pandemic levels by 5%

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The number of vacancies on employment sites exceeded the pre-pandemic period by 5%, Inga Shakhbazyan, portal manager, says.


According to her, 22% of jobs are  in the Horeca sector.


Job openings have been growing since  January 2021. The most significant growth was recorded in March and May. Moreover, in May the number of vacancies not only reached pre-pandemic levels, but also increased by 5%, ”she explains.

According to Shakhbazyan, June is usually passive, although a 10% reduction in the demand for  labor is observed that is typical for this month.


“As you know, the pandemic  hardest hit the tourism business and in terms of job openings, this sector was the most passive. From the second half of February, the situation began to change, and in March these sectors started recovering. Tourism and restaurants accounted for 22% of job advertisements in May that is a very good result as before the pandemic it was 20%, ” Inga Shahbazyan notes.


Apart from  the restaurant and hospitality business, demand has grown in the accounting, finance, banking and healthcare sectors.


“A recovery process  is observed in almost all sectors of the economy, in trade - 23%, followed by hotels and restaurants, accounting - finance 5%, banking sector - 5%, medicine - 4%. Other sectors  account for 2% of vacancies, ” portal manager notes.


80-120 job-seekers are registered on the site per day. In the first months of the pandemic, the number of job seekers almost doubled due to high unemployment rate in that period.


In Shahbazyan’s words, all employers emphasize the problem of quality  they want in their  staff.



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