US records over 55,000 new coronavirus cases

US records over 55,000 new coronavirus cases

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Over the last seven days, the number of new daily coronavirus infections has topped the previous record set in April — on multiple occasions, according to a tally by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

On April 6, the US reported a record high of 43,438 new coronavirus infections in a single day, according to the CDC count. That number remained the highest for months, according to the CDC, as new daily cases began to decline after widespread lockdown measures were put in place across all 50 states. 

But as all 50 states have reopened parts of their economies and eased COVID-19 restrictions, the number of new daily cases has begun to spike once again. According to the CDC count, between June 26 and July 2, the number of new US daily cases has climbed above the previous April record.

On June 26, the US recorded 44,602 new cases; on June 27, there were 44,703 new cases; on June 30, there were 43, 644 new cases; and on July 1, there were 54,357 cases. 

The CDC has not yet released the number of new daily US coronavirus cases for July 2, though other outlets — including The Washington PostThe New York Times, and the COVID Tracking Project — have all reported that the number is above 50,000.

Reuters reported late Thursday that the US recorded 55,274 new cases, indicating a new all-time high.

At the time of writing, the CDC reports that there have been over 2.6 million coronavirus infections and more than 128,000 deaths since the beginning of the US outbreak. That number is likely to jump once the CDC publishes its most recent tally of new US daily cases and deaths. 

Generally, the US has seen a significant spike in its number of new coronavirus cases since several states have eased their coronavirus restrictions in recent weeks. The Associated Press reported on Thursday that 40 out of 50 US states are seeing an increase in their number of confirmed new coronavirus cases. Several US states, including Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and Oregon, reported record-high numbers of new coronavirus cases last month


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