Turkey  imposed on all visitors to Turkey to submit a negative result from COVID-19 PCR test

Turkey imposed on all visitors to Turkey to submit a negative result from COVID-19 PCR test

access_time2021-02-26 10:00:27

Turkey is setting precautions for visitors, requiring a negative COVID-19 test result from passengers to enter the country starting from December 30 until March.


Istanbul Airport administration imposed on all travelers to Turkey who are over six years old to submit a negative result from COVID-19 PCR test result, which was conducted within a maximum period of 72 hours from all visitors, even those who has previously vaccinated against corona. to take off on Turkey's international flights. 

Passengers must submit their test results to the flight operator company before take off . The test cannot be done upon arrival in Turkey.

It should be noted that Turkey did not require PCR tests for arrivals before this date.


The new measures will be applied to all arrivals by land border and sea borders travelers will be isolated through the land and sea crossings at a place of residence determined by the visitor if the required test results are not presented before entering the land or sea crossing.

The Turkish Scientific Council has also taken several decisions and precautions regarding the new series of mutated Coronavirus.


As travelers from Denmark and South Africa in the past ten days will have to show a negative PCR test result and adhere to a mandatory quarantine for at least seven days.

Then they conduct a second medical test, according to which they end the quarantine or undergo medical treatment if infection with the Coronavirus is confirmed.


Transit flight passengers through any Turkish airport are not required to present a negative PCR test in Turkey if they want to stay in the transit area and not leave it until their next flight.

But if the flight ticket was for an indirect transit flight through any Turkish airport, meaning that the visitor would need to take his luggage and prepare for take-off for the next flight, he would have to enter Turkish territory. Thus, he would need to present a negative PCR test result.


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