"To attract visitors from China, the country should launch an active marketing campaign "

access_time2019-11-12 13:45:13

“Amid a growing popularity of Georgian wine in China, the development of tourism relations  is also very real. This is a very large and potentially profitable market from where a lot of tourists can be attracted, but for this purpose   marketing campaign should be launched,”  Maya Sidamonidze, the former head of the National Tourism Administration , says.

The other day, the Ministry of Economy  held a presentation of the country's opportunities in the tourism industry for  Chinese tourism companies.

According to the Minister of Economy Natia Turnava, the number of tourists from China who visited Georgia increased by 75% in 2018 compared to 2017 while  in 8 months more tourists arrived in the country in  2019 than in the previous  year.

 The launch of direct flights from Georgia to China has positively affected the growth of the tourist flow.  In particular, China Southern Airlines flies to Beijing and Urumqi four  times a week.

Maya Sidamonidze says that despite the impressive growth, the number of tourists from China is not large and the country has  great potential to increase it.

“Georgia has  great potential to attract Chinese tourists that is quite real. This requires a more active marketing campaign and an increase in the number of direct flights between Georgia and China, ”she notes.


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