This year’s season has failed -climbing& mountaineering tour companies

This year’s season has failed -climbing& mountaineering tour companies

access_time2020-08-11 10:30:11

The pandemic, quarantines and closed border have brought travel industry to a standstill and climbing & mountaineering tour companies are no exception.


Mountain Freak founder Nika Gomiashvili speaks  about the failure of the season. The company worked with tourists from many countries and mainly organized adventure and expedition tours in the mountains.  the company has stopped working now.


“Before the pandemic, the entire season had been booked, but the coronavirus changed plans, and now we can say that this season has completely failed, ”he says.


According to Nika Gomiashvili, despite the restrictions, the company is not going to change its strategy.


“We will wait for the end of the pandemic and the opening of borders. It makes no sense for our company  to focus on domestic tourism as the local population is not interested in mountain expeditions, and our service is too expensive, for this reason we work only with foreigners, ”he explains.

Mountain Freak founder  adds that mainly tourists from Poland, Spain, France and Germany are interested in mountain expeditions and ski tours.


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