“The taxi fleet rejuvenation should be gradual”

“The taxi fleet rejuvenation should be gradual”

access_time2019-10-16 13:10:17

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze says that the third stage of taxi reform will begin in the near future to improve the quality of services and stabilize the situation on the market. He does not specify the measures to be taken during this period.

The non-governmental sector expresses its  suggestions about  the third stage . In the words of the head of the Transport and Roads Association David Meskhishvili, this phase envisages  restrictions on the age of cars used as taxis.

 According to Meskhishvili, this measure  will sharply reduce the number of taxi cabs in the city, put  several large companies in a dominant position and increase  trip fares.

 “No one opposes restoring  order in this area, but reform should not be aimed at withdrawing  self-employed taxi drivers from the market. The idea is good but rejuvenation of the taxi fleet should be gradual, it is a tight regulation that cannot be met  by most  self-employed taxi drivers. The reform will increase unemployment, will further strengthen one or two large companies in the market and increase travel prices, ”he said.

Meskhishvili believes that taxi regulations should  be revised as they  caused   significant price hikes and  an additional burden on public transport that turned out to be  unready for such an increase in passenger traffic.

“In developed countries taxis compete with public transport, despite difference in cost. In our situation the  public transport is uncompetitive, ” David Meskhishvili explains.

In his opinion, Tbilisi City Hall should refrain from carrying out the reform that envisages  the  age-related restrictions on cars until public transport can cope with  the growth in passenger traffic.


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