The sector will feel the consequences of the July 5 events in the fall - Tourism Research Center

The sector will feel the consequences of the July 5 events in the fall - Tourism Research Center

access_time2021-07-14 15:00:33

The events of July 5 and the wave of rallies and protests that followed have already the tourism industry, too little time has passed since the events and the consequences of canceled reservations will be known a little later - the head of the Tourism Research Center Alexander Giorgadze says.


According to Giorgadze, the tourism sector will feel the negative results of mass crackdown on journalists on the streets most likely this fall.


“On the example of my company, up to 20 reservations have been canceled against the background of the already small number of tourists. But the main problem is the consequences of the July 5 events in the long run when  the situation in the tourism sector will significantly worsen that is much worse than cancelling reservations now,” he explains.


In Giorgadze’s words,  many countries are still closed to tourists, and it is quite possible that those who planned to come to Georgia but refrain from arrival  due to  the July 5events will still come but the problem lies elsewhere , namely, in the long-term travel planning.


“Many people plan overseas trips in advance and those who have not yet purchased a tour package may choose another destination. One can see memos such as an earring, colored hair, short skirts, tattoos, etc on some travel sites about Georgia. It is good if all this are jokes and Georgia doesn’t have  the same reputation as Iran, the state should conduct an active information campaign in the target countries, ” Alexander Giorgadze notes.


He adds that the most important thing during  a trip is safety both physical and medical, but today Georgia cannot offer any to foreigners.


“But this is not the only problem – in the last 10 days the number of people with coronavirus has been growing significantly. In terms of morbidity, Georgia ranks 12th in the world that hinders the recovery of the tourism industry,” he concludes.


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