"The Poti Deep water Port can't be Built for $ 100 Million”

access_time2018-01-30 09:06:09

In 2020 Georgia may have two deep water ports. The idea of building  a deep water  port of Anaklia is being considered  for a long time. The construction has already begun and presumably in 2020 the port will accommodate the first vessels. A total of $  540 million will be spent on the first phase of construction.

Yesterday it became known that apart from Anaklia, another deep-water port will be built in Poti and the initial investment will amount about $ 100 million. The port will be constructed by Poti New Terminals Consortium. As it turns out, the first vessel will be ported in 2020. APM Terminal Poti and Poti New Terminals Consortium signed a cooperation memorandum last week.

Ketevan Bochorishvili, Executive Director of Anaklia City, calls the statement on the construction of the Poti deep water  port unserious. As she told Commersant, the idea of ​​ the project is questionable.

"This is simply an announcement that has nothing to do with justification. Their position is surprising, since the company owners said that the country does not have the need for a deep-powered port. Now they say they are going to expand. During the last ten years, the company did not invest one dollar for renovation of existing infrastructure. Their statement may serve other  goals. I put this project under question, "- Bochorishvili notes.

According to her, $ 100 million will not be enough to build such a huge port: "The amount they named is unrealistic. $ 100 million will not be enough to build a deep-water port. Only cranes purchase costs $ 50 million. "

When asked whether Poti deep-water port will compete with Anaklia port, Ketevan Bochorishvili explains that they will not be rivals.

"I do not see a problem in the construction of Poti deep water port and I welcome if they take more goods in the country and help the country to become a transport hub, but I still think that their statement is not serious at this stage," says Anaklia City executive director.

Asked if Georgia has a resource and capabilities  to  have two large deep water  ports that  will not interfere with each other in commercial terms, Bochorishvili responds: "At first it may be difficulties, but then the two ports will not interfere with each other. The main thing is to attract cargo and become a transport hub in the region. "

Last year Klaus Larsen, managing director at Poti port, told Commersant the transport industry didn’t  see any need to create a deep-sea port in Georgia.

Mamuka Khazaradze, the president of the TBC Group involved  in the Anaklia Port project, responded to this statement. He noted that APM Terminals has long been lobbying against the Anaklia port project.

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