The lockdown effect: Qualified staff shortages in the tourism industry

The lockdown effect: Qualified staff shortages in the tourism industry

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The tourism sector experienced staff shortages in  the pre-pandemic period but now this problem has become even more acute.


The representatives of the hospitality industry acknowledge the difficulties in the sector. In response to the challenge, the government  opened a professional college for personnel training, but still the number and level of qualifications of specialists does not correspond to the requirements.


The situation was aggravated  by the consequences of the pandemic - hotels and restaurants were closed , employees were laid off,  many of them found work in other sectors  and are not going to return to tourism.


In October 2020, Deputy Minister of Education Tamar Kitiashvili announced the opening  of an international college of tourism in one of the regions of Georgia in 2021, but it has not yet opened and it is unclear when it will be open.


Ministry of Education posted the  information on 136 private and  public colleges to train engineers, business administrators, Information and communications technology (ICT) specialists. Among the tourism- related specialties one  can get a hospitality specialty  with cooking as a separate specialization.


Colleges also offer specialties of tour operators and mountain guides.

Colleges also offer trades such as tour operator and mountain guide.


The main  is whether these educational institutions are ready to give graduates jobs   in their fields of specialization ? According to representatives of the college "New Wave" in the resort town of Kobuleti, 80% of graduates of their  college  are employed in the summer season and  55%- in the rest of the year.  


The term of study is 1 year, up to 30 people study at the college.


Due to the regulations caused by the pandemic, tourism has been one of the fastest and hardest hit sectors of the economy, job losses were most noticeable in tourism and related industries.


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