The lari is gaining its value

The lari is gaining its value

access_time2019-12-10 14:20:09

One US dollar was traded at GEL 2,8800 via Bloomberg trading platform at 2 pm. 

On December 9  the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) set  the official exchange rate at 1 USD / 2.9446 GEL, 1EUR/  3.2606 GEL.

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) will announce the new official exchange rate of the lari against the euro and the US dollar at  5 pm.

 The exchange rate at commercial banks is relatively different. At TBC Bank one dollar can be  purchased for  GEL 2.9300 and sold for GEL 2.8600. Bank of Georgia sells for $ 1 at GEL 2.9000 and buys for GEL 2.86.



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